mixed mind salad

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The ingredients of mixed mind salad

As a way of kicking off this blog I thought it would be an idea to give you an idea of what ingredients make up a bowl of mixed mind salad, which I also realise may make you run away screaming.

Although this blog is a new beginning, I am not new to the concept of blogging or writing a blog. I have for the past couple of years kept another blog, which after a year or so became my favourite waste of time. A blog through which I made some tremendously wonderful friends who I hope will one day come by and visit. That blog covered a period of my life during which I began to wake up from the hibernation of trying to belong to modern society combined with a continuous search for the magic pills promised by a lot of the self help on offer. This was a journey of many mistakes and setbacks in my life largely due to naïvety on my part. However, in hindsight, I realise that it was an important part of my journey.

However, this was by no means an easy journey (hear the violins in the background???) and to tell you that all is now peachy, would be a blatant lie. I still have endless unanswered questions and often struggle to understand why things are the way they are with very few people questioning things.

The reason I decided to start this instead of carry on writing on my other blogs is partly because I often felt restricted but more importantly I let someone in my physical world have access, who I subsequently discovered was a person I could not trust the result of which would lead to far too much self censoring.

Now, let me give you an idea of what ingredients a mixed mind salad may contain:

Anxiety & Depression often befriends me and writing about it seems to help finding my way out of that fog

The Highly Sensitive Person which is a concept I have only recently become familiar with

Questioning the Status Quo (or in most cases rants) especially about life in the corporate world and modern society

You may find the odd review of books and various other material that I find helpful

From time to time it may be nothing other than pure word salad (thoughts flying around in my head)

Other ingredients will no doubt be added as my journey continues

Now you know what the ingredients are, I suspect I shall be pretty much writing for my own benefit but if you choose to stick around please stay for as long as you like and know that you are always welcome.

Feel free to subscribe at the top of the page and be the first to get the new posts and if you have something to say you can either leave a comment or email me: j | at | success-lounge | dot | net

Thank you for dropping by


2 responses to “The ingredients of mixed mind salad

  1. Cindy N August 13, 2010 at 3:54 am

    Great minds think alike! Here’s to new beginnings.

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